Getting the hang of this

Obviously this is my first time using WordPress. I’ve been using social media for eight years now and have used many different websites to showcase my photography over the years. It wasn’t until this semester that I am taking a communications class where I am required to use WordPress. Here are my first impressions of WordPress

The good and the bad..


  • You can make beautiful websites easily through their templates
  • Even if you aren’t artistic you can make a easy to read blog
  • SEO is one of the best on the web
  • 1 of 4 websites today are hosted by WordPress ( supposedly )


  • Overwhelming, so  many different places to add a post, but only one doesn’t limit you on the amount of photos; makes it seem like they’re trying to trick me..
  • I can’t edit my HTML or CSS without premium? Since when? In all the tutorials that my class had, they had an older version of WP and they were able to edit. So because I joined late in the game means I missed out?
  • Not enough space! I have only two post, one of which is only a video link and I’ve already used up 10% of my media storage!
  • WP is really try pushing the premium on you, you are very limited to what you can do on a free account

For only having WP for a few days, I find it hard to see me using WP longer then just for my class. The media storage is a big thing for me with my photography. Besides the pro’s don’t outweigh the cons for me. The pros aren’t too hard to find in another website if you know how to code. I hope I’m proven wrong because it does seem to have a lot of potential to become my main blog website. If anyone has some suggestions or can show me more of what WordPress can offer I’d love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below!


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