Stop Motion // Blur Motion

This week’s focus was on motion. Using the shutter speed you can either stop motion, or show movement within an image. The first two you see are both examples of stop motion. I had a shutter speed and adjusted my aperture to  compliment my desired shutter speed. You can tell by these examples that I like shooting people better. I got sick over the weekend and had to cancel those shoots with portraits, so I finished them in the studio.

Blur motion  is defiantly not my style. I like shooting portraits and if I get a blurry portrait then I know I did something wrong, so breaking that habit is hard. I know you can get some sweet images using blur motion, but I prefer nice sharp images.allibrock-stopmotion-wp




2 thoughts on “Stop Motion // Blur Motion

  1. xcrunnergirl22 says:

    I think you broke your habit well. Your blurred shots are really fun. I also really love the image of the girl though. You do a great job capturing her in her element.


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