Walt Disney Quote

Montage Project

Walt Disney Quote

Design a uplifting poster montage using the blend of images and text.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)
I found a quote I liked began brainstorming ideas. The quote was from Walt Disney and he is known for bringing out the kid in all of us, So I wanted to include a child with a subtle hint of Disney with her polka dotted skirt. Her dress was originally red, but the color didn’t look right with the background I wanted, so I grabbed the  color of the background and changed her skirt and bow to compliment the blue background. Found an image and decided to mask the wall behind her. I picked the galaxy because in another quote by Walt goes “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” so it made me think, the sky’s the limit. I masked the image in a way that it looked like brush strokes. Then I added a texture to the floor she was standing on.

I picked two fonts with different styles to emphasize the main points of the quote. Made sure the alignment was set, and ready to go.

I met with a small group in my class and all shared our drafts. They seemed really impressed with my results and had only a few suggestions. I thought the quote was really well known but they didn’t know who it was by, so I added quotation marks and included Walt’s name.

An uplifting message that you can do whatever you can dream of

All those who are touched by inspirational messages & Disney fans.

The small details might go unnoticed, but still are important

Complementary: Gold and Blue

Times New Roman – Old Style Serif & MA Sexy – Script

Original Photos:

Original Montage Photos


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