Portrait Editing tricks

People always ask me for better ways to edit portraits.

I used to feel the same way, that I had to Photoshop everything to make it perfect. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but that’s not true!! No body, no face, no person, is perfect and if you try to make them that way, it’ll look fake.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t help a little. A few touch ups won’t hurt, and as long as they feel that they look good in the photo, then I’m happy.

Brides spend so much time on their hair and make up for their special day, I always make sure that their close ups are nothing but gorgeous!

This example is my sister Gretchen, Since I know her really well, I know she really doesn’t like her moles. She has had skin cancer three times already and she has some violent looking scars. I make sure to always cover those up for her.






Another fun trick is the color replacement brush in photoshop!
There are a ton of different ways to change the color of an object in Photoshop, this tool is great for beginners because it does a lot of the color range for you. It comes in handy when something really brightly colored in the background and distracts from the subject. But it can also just be for fun. Here is a picture I took for this little guy’s first birthday. His mom wasn’t too happy with the wood color because it was dated, so just adding a fun color to it can really change the image and make it fun!

An extra tip, you want to choose a darker color then the one your painting over. It looks really fake if you have this brown wood color and try to make it bright yellow.





Last but not least, this trick can save some of your photos! Shooting indoors can tricky especially if your not in control of the lighting. Using the Adobe’s Color Match in photoshop can help fix some of those white balance problems. This was from my sister’s wedding again. She served her mission on Temple Square and would give dozens of tours everyday in these buildings. She wanted to get a few shots inside of them to not only warm her up from the cold, but because it held happy memories for her.


Before with no window light

You can see in this photo we’re aren’t by any windows and have really warm lights above. So to fix this, I took a photo from the same building but when we standing by the window.


Use the color match from a photo with window light

This gave me the right skin tones so I could match the color to the one where we didn’t have window light.


After the color match

Now that I have the right skin tones, I can better edit her photos so that the whole wedding has a consistent color scheme.
I hope this helps answer some of your questions about when you should and shouldn’t edit a portrait. We are always learning, so let’s teach one another too!


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