Portrait week!

We were asked to take a variety of different types of portraits and share them here.

First, most common portrait; The Head shot!

Kylie Profile Headshot

Kylie is so pretty! I really like this dramatic mid-key profile.

Side Composition. Having your subject on the side of your composition and have a shallow depth of field.

These type of portraits have become even more popular with facebook cover photos!

These type of portraits have become even more popular with Facebook cover photos!

Full body: Self explanatory…

Group Posed: These are always fun. If you can get them to relax and comfortable, you can get some really cute candid shots! People usually like some sort of direction when they’re getting their picture taken. So I’ll usually place them where I want them to stand for the composition, and then let them just have fun. I’ll give them some basic instructions like, “give them a hug!” “Get niiiiice and close” That usually gets them to laugh with each other and then they’ll start talking try to get each other to laugh.

Group candid: This is when you have to stay on your toes! You have to anticipate what will happen next and be ready to snap that perfect shot! Channel your inner secret agent skills and you can sneak some of their favorite shots of them just acting natural.


Individual Environmental / Documentary: These are like candid but create more of a documentary style. You capture a portrait of someone who is already doing the thing they do on a daily basis.


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