Kiko’s Rebrand

My Mom started an Etsy page where she can sell some of her hand sewn goods. She asked me to make a logo for her back in May, and I accepted. It was very frustrating because I am just learning how to work in Illustrator, and my mom kept changing her mind on what she wanted and even changed the name of her shop 3 different times. I told her that she had to make up her mind before I would pick it up again. Now that I have an assignment to make a logo, I decided to pick it up again. I needed to create a logo for a company/service/organization and establish a visual identity across documents.

Since I have worked on this before, I learned what I did and didn’t like about each attempt. This helped me come up with simple logos that follow basic design principals instead of trying to make a graphic. I knew I wanted to use a sewing needle to help tell the viewer what kind of shop it was, and my mom decided on naming it after our dog Kiko because it is more memorable and easier to search for on Etsy.  I tried multiple times to draw a needle coming out of the letter K but it was hard to get the portions right. At work I decided to pull up an image of a needle and trace it with a wacom tablet.



rough draft of logos

rough draft of business card

rough draft of business card

rough draft of stationary

rough draft of stationary

I got some great feedback in class. They all agreed on logo number 2, and gave the suggestion that I removed the stiches that were going behind the needle. On The buisness card, I totally agree with their suggestion of changing the body copy to the same font. I knew it looked weird and so I like just simplifying it.  As for the stationary, it is too top heavy and the background needed to be lighter.

A fun website Etsy shop for sewn goods.

shape building tool saves so much time!  Also, that Pen anchors and brush strokes can’t be combined into one shape.


Ostrich Sans Rounded Medium // San Serif

American Type Writer // Serif


Kiko's Logo

Kiko’s Logo

Kiko's Business Card

Kiko’s Business Card

Kiko's Stationary

Kiko’s Stationary


Click here to visit:

Kiko’s Boutique facebook

Kiko’s Boutique Etsy Shop


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