Ghost Town Creations

Our class took an awesome photo excursion to Montana’s little Bannack Ghost Town.

While there we did a ton of different projects, and heres a look at some of them!


CONCEPTUAL: I love shooting conceptual portraits. This one was especially fun because this actor was so great to work with! I didn’t have to give him much direction and all of the shots I got of him were so genuine.


GHOST: Nothing is scarier then seeing a ghost walking towards you! Not that I’ve ever seen a ghost…. but like in the movies! Sure you may have thought you seen a ghost, but once you see it coming towards you is when it really gets intense! The way the door frame almost gives him a mouth.
Ghost walking towards you
ABSTRACT: I’m not a big fan of guns, but I loved the texture of the grip on this old fashion pistol!Abstract photo of a gun

COMMERCIAL: I don’t know if you can tell… but this is my advertisement for Sploosh! If you’ve seen the movie Holes, it’s a drink made from Peaches and Onions and helps keep the yellow spotted lizards from biting people. While looking at the old western town, I was reminded of Kissin’ Kate Barlow, Sam, & Stanley Yelnats. 

Sploosh! Inspired by the movie Holes

 LEVITATION: Levitation, not my usual cup of tea… I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to do, but not knowing the place, I didn’t have time to find the right type of window that I wanted. So I was running out of time and went with this. I was going for that Anastasia idea of the ghost in the ballroom coming from the paintings. Maybe someday I’ll try at it again.



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