Portraits at Bannack

I’ve been waiting for this trip the whole semester! I’ve seen all these pictures from students who have gone and I was so excited to get my camera there! We did this sort of Portrait rotation where we were put into groups of about 4 or 5 photographers and went to 8 different stations and had 15 mins in a location with at least one model. We were lucky to have some sunshine, but the cold weather really took a toll on the flashes battery life and so it was a difficult to get a constant charge on the strobes.

I was actually pretty disappointed in my outcome. I don’t know why but I didn’t perform the way I was hoping I would. I still got the shots I needed for my assignments, but I didn’t get portraits where I felt like I was accomplished the shoot. I don’t know if it’s just because I felt like I was talking the same shot as everyone in my group that I felt I lost my creativity. Not that I’m mad about being in groups because I loved learning and teaching one another, but it made it feel different. Still trying to figure out what went wrong, just so that I don’t get into that sort of slump again. Still had an amazing time and am so grateful for the experience!



Erin killed it, she was such a good model! Poor girl was freezing and had this weird metal thing in her hat that kept stabbing her. She still pushed through so that we all could get the shot! I had never taken a speed-light outside and had it as my main light vs. natural light. Definitely has a special look to it that you can’t get any other way.


This was taken right before lunch while everyone was starting to gather at the old hotel. It was gently snowing and the light was at high noon. This old cowboy was just sitting outside the saloon and his dog caught my attention ( as usual ). Thanks to Turbo I got this image showing his love for his owner. A dog truly is a man’s best friend, just look at those sweet eyes!


I like this high fashion cow girl look. A nice modern take on a old western.

Back at the saloon, this sherif pulls of the “good cop bad cop” look. He’s got a super calm expression but has his gun on display to show his authority.

Kim was a great model! I didn’t have to say much and she would just run with it and give me these really intense eyes that were just stellar!


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