Web Design Project

We were asked to make up a web design in Photoshop, using our brands from this semester. Since I have been working on re branding Brock.alli & had made a style guide in another class, I tried really hard to stick to it and to keep my design simple.

Starting with sketches.
web-sketches   allibrock-wiredraft







I’ve made a ton of different websites from Wix and always trying to mess with a design. So I actually took my wedding website and tweaked it to make it more of a photography website.


Once I finished. We did an activity in class where we had different people go around to other people’s website drafts and drew a line to show where our eyes were lead based on their design. Since I kept my layout simple, I got all consistent feedback and knew I had a successful website. In the Critque they all said they liked the design, I just needed  to realign on of the images, and that the “From The Blog” should all be lower case to better match the menu.

Here is my final for the webdesign

I provided all the images used in the design.



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