Brochure Project

Brochure Back Final Brochure Photo Final

Design a brochure for my photography business.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)
I have seen many types of brochures when it comes to a photography business. They are simple and clean and show a small amount of photos to give the viewer an understanding of their style. I like the simplicity of a gate fold brochure and folded a piece of paper and marked down the measurements before I designed it in InDesign. I decided to use my style guide I created for my brand in my COMM 315 class. So I stuck with the soft color scheme and turned all the photos B&W so they would compliment each other. I had a small display of different pricing for photo shoots on the  right and left, as well as a small description of myself on the bottom.

We met in a small group in class and I showed them my brochure. They feed back was mostly positive they mainly just pointed out some of the requirements of the assignment that I had forgot, like it needed to have at least 250 words and a text wrap.

Going back to my design I added more description about me to hit the word count & added a text wrap around a photo I cut out. I don’t really like the text wrap for this style of brochure, so if I ever do use this for my business I would change that back.

Potential Clients

Angelic Pro // Serif
Droid //  San Serif

Times New Roman // Serif

Images used were taken by myself.


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