Stock Best

I have never really thought of myself to ever consider doing stock photography. I had seen some of the most common stock photos and I wasn’t a fan. I thought that was a style that I would have to change my style and what I love about photography.

Stock photography is very unique. It is a very controlled photoshoot where every detail has been planned out. What they are wearing? What is the product? where is it shot? is there anything in that location that has a logo or copy written products in it? I am used to more of a documentary style where I capture portraits, & wedding to capture the memory for my client. Now my eyes have been opened and I now know that stock photography doesn’t have to be the over saturated, white background, with people wearing plain color t-shirts. I can be anything as long as you follow some rules.

One semester I took an introduction class for studio lighting.  I was really hesitant about it because I love the look of natural light. My professor and I had completely different styles and I didn’t want my photography to rely on studio lights. I felt I was cheating by being in control of lights. It wasn’t until I my 2nd year that I saw the power of a studio. It wasn’t cheating at all. It is actually a very complicated skill to place and manipulate light. A lot of photographers don’t see that, and that is why it allows me to have such a variety in my portfolio. I like to think of it like a science lab. In the studio you can turn off all the lights and use a single light and see exactly what the light is doing to your subject. Taking it one step at a time can help you master and understand how different directions and type of light hits your subject. Once I learned more about light in the studio, my natural light images became even stronger.

This image was taken in the studio, I did this so I could keep things really simple and be in full control of light and background. I choose to do a dark background because I don’t really like the white background when it comes to portraits. Everyone things its just simple, and looks like Apple, but it  can be really unflattering and I don’t see it as professional, unless it was done extremely well.

Edits were minimal. I was in control of lighting; I set the lighting to get a 1:8 ration on the face so that I could get some dramatic lighting. The only editing I did was remove the small text on the face of his watch. It wasn’t legible but I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t get rejected.


black suit businessman


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