positive film


Brilliant, Connect & Lemon..I didn’t want to go with the obviously choice of a someone doing an experiment with  two lemons to make a light bulb light up.
Instead I took it one word at a time.

What is Brilliant? My husband is a software engineer, thanks to software engineers we are able to have smart phones, computers, and digital photography! The world would be so different if we didn’t have people developing software.

What does he connect with? Code. The amount of code and different code languages they have to know just to communicate to a machine what we want it to do is also brilliant.

Now how to add Lemon… In another class of mine called Historical Processes, we are learning how photography was developed before film cameras existed! We use light sensitive chemicals to develop negatives and prints. Because of these Brilliant Chemist, we have photography. While developing the print, we experiment with different natural tones to tone the print. We’ve used, Wine, Coffee, tea, vinegar, and pigment. I am going to experiment and use Lemon as my toner. Not only will it change the colors of the print & paper, but it’ll smell really good!


First sketch, is photo of a computer with keyboard and code on the screen, & you can see a slight reflection of a person facing the computer. So its a computer we use, but we can’t connect without someone to engineer it.

Second Sketch is more straight forward. A really epic photo of my husband, with code over top of him. I’m thinking like Matrix status! lol


sketch 1

sketch 1

sketch 2

sketch 2






I don’t have the final cyanotype scanned because it takes at least 24 hours to dry, but here is the negative I made, and what the image looks like normally.


positive film


Negative film



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