Hanted Mansion

Haunted Busts

I had a lot of fun this semester diving into some of the communication classes BYU-Idaho has to offer. I self taught myself most of the adobe programs but it was fun to learn some of the basics that I may have missed. The best tip I learned from this semester was the shape building … Continue reading Haunted Busts



This semester I was able to take some photo classes from the COMM department. I took COMM 130, 300, 315 & 397 all at the same time. It was a fun challenge because the COMM 130 is the prerequisite for the other 3 classes. It was fun to see how the communications department approaches photography … Continue reading Photobook

Magazine Cover

DESCRIPTION Design a magazine cover. PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles) This was probably my favorite project! I did yearbook back in high school, and I was really happy to see that some of those skills I learned back then, are still in me somewhere. I googled magazine covers to get some layout ideas for … Continue reading Magazine Cover

positive film


Brilliant, Connect & Lemon..I didn't want to go with the obviously choice of a someone doing an experiment with ย two lemons to make a light bulb light up. Instead I took it one word at a time. What is Brilliant? My husband is a software engineer, thanks to software engineers we are able to have … Continue reading Conceptual

Stock Best

I have never really thought of myself to ever consider doing stock photography. I had seen some of the most common stock photos and I wasn't a fan. I thought that was a style that I would have to change my style and what I love about photography. Stock photography is very unique. It is … Continue reading Stock Best


Remember that photo book layout I started not to long ago? Yeah, that went out the door once I started designing my book again. I made a style guide for my brand in another class and decided to apply it to my photo book as well. Here is a quick look at the book.   … Continue reading Photobook